Background: Michael is a 40-year-old male who originally presented to the office with lower back pain. He had attempted to pick up a couple of gallons of water and injured his back. During our first visit Mike reported that he had right hip replacement surgery in June 2010. He had some complications from the surgery that required a second surgery to the same hip. He needed additional screws inserted to hold the hip in place.

Mike was told that he would eventually need the left hip replaced as well! Mike wanted to do everything possible to avoid a second hip replacement before age 42, but did not think there were other options. He had his left hip replacement scheduled for September 15, 2016. Mike did have constant left hip pain when he came into the office, but his lower back pain forced him to seek treatment. He thought he was destined for surgery until he found out about stem cell therapy. Mike decided to give stem cell therapy “a try” hoping to push off surgery for just a few more years. Also during this time Mike needed to take 1500mg of Ibuprofen, per day, for pain relief!!!

Diagnosis: Severe superior narrowing of the left hip, with extensive subchondral sclerosis and cystic changes within the superior acetabulum and anterior superior femoral head. (Osteoarthritis – left hip)

Treatment: July 2016- 2cc’s of amniotic fluid therapy – left hip.

Result: Mike cancelled his left hip replacement surgery and does not take any more Ibuprofen! Mike went on vacation for 2 weeks after treatment and had no pain the entire trip!

Before Stem Cell: Left hip pain for 6 years.

After Stem Cell: Avoided hip surgery!

Program: One treatment of Amniotic Fluid Therapy & sporadic chiropractic / rehabilitation visits.


Background: Brianna is a 29 year-old female who presents to the office with left hip pain and right knee pain. The hip pain started three years ago and the knee pain started seven years. She injured her knee during gymnastics and never had it evaluated. She remembers she landed awkwardly on her right leg and”popped” her knee out. She “popped” her knee back in place, the pain diminished but was never the same.

Due to the knee injury, she also developed left hip pain. The pain is worse when she “stops”, as long as she moves she does not feel any pain in the region. She self treats both of her injuries with herbal supplements such as turmeric. She works as a bartender and is on her feet for 13 hours per day.

Diagnosis: In order to properly evaluate the knee injury we needed an MRI. The MRI revealed the following: moderate diffuse partial ACL tear and grade II chrondromalacia patella.

Treatment: On September 12, 2016, Brianna received amniotic fluid therapy.

Result: Brianna was pain free in just two weeks! She was able to dance for the first time on November 14, 2016.

Before Stem Cell: Knee pain for 7 years.

After Stem Cell: No pain and was able to dance for the first time in 7 years.

Program: One injection of Amniotic Fluid Therapy


Background: Thomas is an 84 year-old male who presents to the office with right hip pain and left knee pain that has been present for “years”. He has “tried everything” and nothing seems to help.

The knee pain prevents him from walking with his wife on the beach in Florida. They spend half the year in Massachusetts and half the year in Florida. For the past few years, he has not been able to take walks with her due to his pain. He even has pain when he gets out of his car and uses his left knee to transfer from a seated position to a standing position. Something as simple as getting out a vehicle hinders his life.

Thomas was told by an orthopedic surgeon that he was “bone on bone” and needed a knee replacement as well as a hip replacement. Thomas wanted anything but surgery!

Diagnosis: An x-ray revealed osteoarthritis in the right hip and left knee. He also had narrowed medial joint space and narrowed patellofemoral joint space in the left knee.

Treatment: November 2016- 1cc of amniotic fluid therapy – left knee 1cc of amniotic fluid therapy – right hip

Result: One month later, Thomas is able to walk with his wife for the first time in years!

Before Stem Cell: Knee & hip pain for years.

After Stem Cell: No knee pain, some right hip stiffness but able to do everything he wants!

Program: One injection of Amniotic Fluid Therapy & a rehabilitative program in-office for one month.


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