ALINEs are the world’s most advanced performance insoles; providing alignment, comfort and balance. The patented technology was engineered so you can feel and perform at your best.


ALINE was founded in 2005 to improve lower body movement through revolutionary insole technology. Unlike orthotics that lock your foot in place, our insoles are engineered to enable your foot to move naturally, align your lower body and alleviate pressure on your feet, ankles and knee.

Athletes win on them; doctors recommend them; and our loyal customers rely on them because what’s inside your shoe counts. Insert ALINEs into any footwear and experience the difference in the way you move and the way you feel. Pretty soon, you won’t leave home without them.

The average person walks nearly 2,000,000 steps per year. The alignment of your body is critical everyday, not just when you are trying to perform at your optimum level. ALINE’s foot suspension technology helps you achieve proper bio-­mechanics or movement patterns, that are critical to your sport and health. If not properly supported and aligned, the foot can force the ankles, knees, hips and back to move incorrectly reducing bio-­mechanic efficiency and lead to movement based injuries. Call today for a free ALINE evaluation (978)774-­‐4468.


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