If you take a statin you must supplement with this…


Statins (Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, etc..) are widely accepted in the public and medical community to  “help” reduce your risk of heart disease, unfortunately it has never been proved in the medical literature. This one topic has many books and websites dedicated to it so I will not labor the point. If you are curious check out the longest running and perhaps most famous health study: The Framingham Study- it demonstrated that the intake of cholesterol in the diet had absolutely no correlation with heart disease!! NO CORRELATION!

If the last paragraph wasn’t bad enough…the makers of “cholesterol lower drugs” were very well aware of the fact that while lowering your cholesterol numbers the satins also stopped production of your CoEnzyme Q10. Why is this important you ask? CoQ10 is one of the most vital nutrients for our bodies and it responsible for energy production in the cell. In addition to energy production it also plays a major role as an anti-oxidant.

Lets put this all together…your doctor put you on a statin to reduce your risk of heart disease (please find out the truth) and the drug that he/she puts you on greatly reduces your energy production AND reduces your anti-oxidant fighting abilities! Bottom line: if you take a statin you must supplement with CoEnzyme Q10. We carry an excellent CoQ10 by Designs for Health.


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