“I want to take walks with my wife in Florida!”


Background: Thomas is an 84 year-old male who presents to the office with right hip pain and left knee pain that has been present for “years”. He has “tried everything” and nothing seems to help.

The knee pain prevents him from walking with his wife on the beach in Florida. They spend half the year in Massachusetts and half the year in Florida. For the past few years, he has not been able to take walks with her due to his pain. He even has pain when he gets out of his car and uses his left knee to transfer from a seated position to a standing position. Something as simple as getting out a vehicle hinders his life.

Thomas was told by an orthopedic surgeon that he was “bone on bone” and needed a knee replacement as well as a hip replacement. Thomas wanted anything but surgery!

Diagnosis: An x-ray revealed osteoarthritis in the right hip and left knee. He also had narrowed medial joint space and narrowed patellofemoral joint space in the left knee.

Treatment: November 2016- 1cc of amniotic fluid therapy – left knee 1cc of amniotic fluid therapy – right hip

Result: One month later, Thomas is able to walk with his wife for the first time in years!

Before Stem Cell: Knee & hip pain for years.

After Stem Cell: No knee pain, some right hip stiffness but able to do everything he wants!

Program: One injection of Amniotic Fluid Therapy & a rehabilitative program in-office for one month.


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