I lost 17 lbs & 17 inches in 4 Weeks!


I lost 17 lbs. & 17 in. in 4weeks! I have struggled with my weight for “years.” I have tried all the diets, my most recent was Weight Watchers where I lost 15 lbs. but gained it right back within 2-3 months. I not only want to lose weight I want to make healthy food choices and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I currently take medication for acid reflux which has been a constant issue. I did not realize that digestive issues can cause weight issues so one of my goals for the program is to fix my acid reflux as well as lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. I started the program at 190 lbs. and have been up and down for 10 years. I started the program around Thanksgiving and by the time Christmas came around I had lost 17 lbs. and 17 inches total! I am off my acid reflux medication as well! I feel that I have started to have a better relationship with food and have learned that my activity level and my carbohydrate intake go hand in hand. I have not hit my goal weight but now I have the tools to get me there on my own!

Starting Weight: 189 lbs.

4 Weeks into the program: 172 lbs. (lost 17 lbs. & 17 inches)

Program: 42-Day Medical Weight Loss with HCG & weekly B12 injections.


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